Coffee Shop’s Planner, A Millennial’s Yearly Tradition

Traditions are present in every region of the Philippines and for the Millennials it can also mean getting that yearly planner offered by different cafes during the last quarter of the year. In this country, two of the most popular coffee shops that offer this yearly tradition are the Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Here’s what’s available for 2017:

2017 Starbucks and CBTL planners

I’m a fan of both. I enjoy the various flavors of their drinks, as well as their cakes and pastries. And, of course, the great ambiance and the free Wi-Fi offered.

As part of their yearly event, customers are invited to attend the launch of the year’s journal or planner. Luckily, my time and resources allowed me to be present in one, the launching of CBTL’s 2017 Giving Journal a.k.a. the giving town Christmas fair held at Greenbelt, Makati last October 22, 2016.

Since then, it has been my goal to complete the 12-required stamps. Thankfully, CBTL often has a promo wherein you’ll be getting two stamps for a drink. The faster you complete them, the earlier you’ll have your planner.


I got mine last December 24, 2016. The day when my brother and I shop for our family’s “Noche Buena.” Before going back home, I remembered that CBTL has another Christmas promo, 2-stamp for each drink. I offered my little brother a treat, one of CBTL’s original blends and got my additional stamps. Looking at my stamp card, I only have few stamps left to complete.

A #NakakahiyangFruitfulChallenge idea came to mind. I hesitated at first but I really feel like bringing the planner with me that day, an advance holiday treat, I told myself. So, I gathered all the guts I have and ask the person after me who doesn’t have a stamp card if she is willing to use mine… She, at first, got shocked with my unexpected approach but still agreed. I was very thankful for her help and wished her a merry Christmas. We left the place soon after my brother finished drinking because I still can’t believe what I did (first time)…

3rd coffee hub, one post. with my planner buddy while working till early morning…

Despite the “nakakahiyang feeling” I’m grateful that I finally got my CBTL’s 2017 Giving journal, a very thematic experience indeed, #SeasonOfGiving.

(Note: first 2-image credit to SB and CBTL’s IG)


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2016 Christmas


Christmas, as most people say, is the happiest day of the year. Tehkiera & Vanilla sincerely hope that it is “the happiest” day for you.

First post. First greeting. Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho! ^_^